We have compiled the most frequently asked questions related to pre-ordering and payment for food at ABC Restaurant in this section.


How can I order restaurant meals in ABC-mobiili - mobile app?

Select the Restaurant feature and tap the “Start ordering food” or “Order ABC Burger” button. You can also click “Start ordering food” in the main view of ABC-mobiili - mobile app to open a list of nearest and most popular ABC Restaurants. Select the dishes you want to order from the menu. You can find more information on each dish by selecting its name. Order dishes by selecting ‘Lisää tilaukseesi’. You can also add dishes to your order by selecting their price. To finalise your order, select ‘Näytä tilaus’. More information can be found in the instructions section of the app (found in the upper right corner of the order screens).

Can I order restaurant meals with ABC-mobiili - mobile app at all Service Station Stores?

Yes, all ABC Service Station Stores support ordering meals with ABC-mobiili - mobile app.

Can I order food with ABC-mobiili - mobile app during all opening hours of the Service Station Stores?

The food preorder hours of each Service Station Store are displayed in the mobile app. Food orders are only accepted for the same day. It is not possible to pre-order in advance for the following day.

Which restaurant items can I order with ABC-mobiili - mobile app?

The menu of dishes available for order at each ABC Service Station Store is available in the mobile app. Please note that the menu may vary between different Service Station Stores.

Can I pay for the buffet with ABC-mobiili - mobile app?

You can and you should – you will get a 10% discount when you order and pay for your buffet with ABC-mobiili - mobile app. Please note that the discount applies to normal adult buffet prices, not the children's buffet. Please pay for the buffet only after arriving at the Service Station Store. Prepaid buffet orders have to be used within 60 minutes of purchase.

How can I cancel a restaurant order made in ABC-mobiili - mobile app?

Orders placed through the mobile app are always binding. Sometimes something unpredictable happens, and you need to cancel your order. In such a situation you can cancel your order by calling the ABC Service Station Store as soon as possible. The phone number of the Service Station Store can be found in the order confirmation you receive in the app. Refunds for cancelled orders are always considered on a case-by-case basis.

Are food advance orders via ABC-mobiili - mobile app also available for groups?

At the moment, the maximum group size per order is 12 people. Large groups are requested to place orders using the group order form available at Same-day or next-day orders for groups larger than 12 customers should always be made by telephone directly to the service station so that we can ensure your break will go as smoothly as possible.

Please note that if group travellers also order meals with their personal ABC-mobiili - mobile apps, completing the orders may take longer than expected.

How do I pay for restaurant orders made with ABC-mobiili - mobile app?

Your order will charged to the Visa or MasterCard (debit or credit), S-Business card or Apple Pay account registered in the ABC-mobiili - mobile app.

Will I get a stamp on my ABC meal bonus card for meals purchased with the mobile app?

Currently you will not get a stamp on your ABC meal bonus card for meals purchased with the mobile app.

Can I request changes to my meal with ABC-mobiili - mobile app?

Yes. You can change the main side dish – for example, you can substitute mashed potatoes with vegetables or French fries. You can also customise dishes by deleting ingredients, for example, you can delete a sauce. All changes must be made in the mobile app when placing the order.

How are special diets taken into account in ABC-mobiili - mobile app?

The diet details of each dish are indicated in the mobile app. Hamburger meals are available with a gluten-free bun and the patty can replaced with a vegetable-based patty. Some of the meals are also available as vegan options.

Can I add items to my meal with the mobile app?

Yes. You can add more patties or meat balls, for example, to your meal. You can also add extra sauces and dips to certain dishes, and you can order larger French fries with your ABC Burger meal.

Where can I see the receipt for a restaurant order I made with the mobile app?

An electronic receipt is generated automatically for all restaurant meal orders under the History section in the ABC-mobiili - mobile app.

Can I also get a paper receipt for meals ordered with ABC-mobiili - mobile app at the Service Station Store?

Unfortunately, no paper receipts are available for pre-ordered meals. The receipt is only shown under History in ABC-mobiili - mobile app.

How do I know which table my order will be served to?

All tables in the restaurant area have a label with a number. When you arrive at the station, choose any free table and enter its number in your mobile order. This way the restaurant staff knows what table to bring your order to.

Where do I pick up the takeaway meals I have ordered with the mobile app?

Takeaway orders are packed into takeaway boxes and delivered to the table just like eat-in meals. When you arrive at the station, choose any table that is available and enter the table number in the mobile app. The restaurant staff will bring your takeaway meal to your table based on this number.

What should I do if no numbered tables or any tables are available when I come?

If this happens, please talk to the personnel of the ABC Service Station Store.

What if I accidentally enter a wrong table number?

In this case please talk to the service station personnel.

What can I do if I accidentally order my food to a wrong Service Station Store?

Contact the Service Station Store where you placed your order as soon as you notice the mistake. Refunds are always considered on a case-by-case basis, but if your order has not been prepared yet, it will be refunded.

What should I do if I am delayed and cannot make it to the Service Station Store by the time I indicated in the order?

Contact the Service Station Store as soon as possible and give the personnel your new estimated time of arrival. The customer is responsible for providing a correct pick-up time. Prepared meals can be kept warm for 10 minutes after the pick-up time you have given. As we want to ensure the high quality of our products, meals that have been waiting for longer than 10 minutes can no longer be served.

I want to order my food to a pickup parking spot outside the ABC Service Station Store. What should I do?

Find the pick-up parking spaces at the station when you arrive at the ABC Service Station Store where you ordered the dishes. The locations of the pick-up spots vary, but they are usually near the entrance and marked clearly. Park in a pick-up spot and enter its number as the table number in the ABC-mobiili - mobile app. The dishes will be brought to you at the time you indicated.

Can I order a buffet takeaway meal with ABC-mobiili - mobile app?

You can order takeaway buffet meals at some ABC Service Station Stores. Buffet meals will be listed in the à la carte menu, and you can usually select from 1–3 options. The meal will be packed in a takeaway box. You can also choose a drink for your dish.

Can I order Arnold’s donuts to takeaway with ABC-mobiili - mobile app?

Yes, if Arnold’s donuts are listed by the ABC Service Station Store in question. You can choose takeout packs of 2, 6 or 12 donuts from four flavours.

Buffet details and opening hours

Where do the foods in the ABC buffets come from?

Our professional ABC chefs prepare the foods offered in the buffet locally in the kitchen of each ABC service station. You can check the daily buffet menu of each ABC service station on our website. The special-diet markings (L, G, VL) of buffet foods are also included in the station-specific menus. If you observe a special diet or have allergies, please always check the ingredients with the service station staff when ordering your meal.

What are the opening hours of ABC service stations?

ABC service stations are open every day of the year including public holidays such as Christmas, Midsummer, etc. ABC grocery stores and restaurants are always open when the service station is open. You can check station-specific opening hours on our website or in ABC-Mobile.

How does the menu change?  

The number of options on the à la carte list may vary by service station. Our classic favourites, including the minute steak, the meatball pan, the bonus pan, the pork cutlet, chicken Béarnaise, chèvre chicken, country salad with chicken and salmon Béarnaise, are offered at every ABC restaurant. KEBABC! with kebab meat or broad bean strips, Apsi the Monkey's favourites and the breakfast plate are currently also offered at all ABC restaurants.   In addition to the favourites, the à la carte offering may include the following: loaded fries with pulled pork or chicken, Chef's Burger meals, ABC pizzas, night menu. Availability may vary by station and season.   You can check the up-to-date menu of each ABC restaurant easily on ABC-Mobile or at