Multiple wash

Wash your car regularly – Buy a multiple wash pass

Washing your car regularly is as important as maintenance. The car should be washed at least once a month, preferably more often, so that the dirt does not get stuck or damage the paint. You can buy car washes with ABC-mobiili in series of three or five washes. Multiple washes can be used in the same cooperative area and in ABC CarWash stations that offer the same wash programme. The most convenient way to buy a multiple wash pass is with the ABC-mobiili app, even from home.

How to buy a multiple wash pass in the ABC-mobiili app and save money:

  • Open ABC-mobiili on your phone. (If you don’t have the ABC-mobiili app, you can download it quickly and easily from your phone’s app store.)

  • Make sure you are logged in to the app and have added your debit or credit card.

  • Select the ABC CarWash station and then click ‘Buy a wash’.

  • Choose the wash programme and the number of washes you want to buy. You can compare washing programmes and find the most suitable wash for your car.

  • Buy the desired number of washes with just a few clicks.

When you arrive at the ABC Carwash station, select ‘Use wash’. You can see in the app how many car washes you still have left. Click on the menu to enable the wash programme and drive directly to the car wash. Quick and convenient!

  • Check the queuing status with the queue camera

  • See prices and wash options

  • Buy a wash and accumulate Bonus

  • Save by buying a multiple wash or monthly wash pass

  • Remember also other features that make motorists’ lives easier, such as mobile refuelling, ABC-lataus charging, pre-ordering food and benefits.