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“The work at ABC is diverse and so addictive! Although the ABC world has undergone many changes, our people have only improved their game. There are wonderful characters and skilled workers of different ages. We work from our hearts and have meaningful jobs that make us truly proud.” – Mervi Roiha-Härkönen, ABC business manager from Southern Karelia Cooperative Society

At an ABC service station store, you can work both in retail, kitchen and restaurant. Work is done in shifts and may include work at night, depending on location. It may be an opportunity just for you, if you want to study alongside working, or you like having days off in the middle of the week. We offer flexible working hours, diverse jobs, and training and development opportunities also within the chain and the S Group. ABC is an excellent place to work for people starting their careers, young people and students.

The usual working day includes the diverse tasks in both the supermarket and restaurant, for example, customer service at cash registers, preparing food in the kitchen, shelving products and ensuring the cleanliness of the service station store.

If the work is diverse, so is the customer base. There can be both commercial drivers and families for whom a pleasant break after a long drive is important. We take care of our customers with a smile on our faces and with a positive and relaxed attitude!

We offer Finland’s widest range of employee benefits, and you can enjoy discounts at all S Group’s locations!

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Come join the great people at ABC! You may not even need previous work experience, we will teach you everything you need to know. What matters the most is that you want to learn. We offer flexible jobs for students, part-time workers or summer workers, for example. Feel free to contact us and apply for a job today!

Select a service station store, contact us or send an application. It’ll only take a few minutes.

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