In the early years of cooperative activities, SOK petrol was sold, for example, in Mellilä. The first locations resembling a service station store were opened in Somero and Hamina in the 1990s. The experience from them, numerous study trips made and project work by SOK and cooperatives’ experts brought a new approach to market: how to serve mobile customers, but also local residents.


Already in the first designs of the service station store, a high pylon served as a landmark. The architect demanded for a working title to be added in the pylon, and the working title of ABC was given to the new business. No final name was found for the chain in the first two customer tests. In the third round, Heikki Strandén, who was the director of the then SOK Ässähuoltamot chain management, later the ABC chain, requested that the working title ABC was added to the names to be tested. The customer test group thought ABC was by far the best name for the future chain, and the rest is history. MILESTONES FOR ABC SERVICE STATION STORES AND FUEL SALES

1998 The decision was made to build two ABC stations. At the end of the year, the first ABC service station store opened in Utti and the first unstaffed ABC station in Konala, Helsinki.

2002 The chain had 100 ABC stations.

2004 The chain’s own procurement company North European Oil Trade Oy (NEOT) launched fuel deliveries.

2004 ABC Restaurant became S Group’s largest restaurant chain by number of restaurants (60 in total).

2004 ABC received the right to use the Key Flag symbol of the Association for Finnish Work.

2008 ABC was selected for the first time as Finland’s most trusted service station chain in the reader survey conducted by the Reader’s Digest.

2009 ABC became the largest petrol dealer in Finland.

2010 The 100th ABC service station store was opened.

2011 Eko E85 fuel was launched. The right to use the Key Flag symbol was granted for the product in the same year. Read more about Eko E85.

2013 Smart Diesel brought onto the market.

2015 Restaurants at ABC service station stores started to use 100% Finnish meat.

2016 ABC mobile refuelling service was opened in the S-mobiili app.

2017 ABC introduced the Refuelling Bonus.

2018 The ABC chain’s own ABC-mobiili app was released.

2019 Ordering food and paying for ABC CarWash became available in ABC-mobiili.

2021 The ABC-lataus service for charging electric cars was released.

Today, ABC is a comfortable and varied place for travellers to take a break, as well as a meeting place and a service centre for local residents. The ABC chain includes ABC service stations, unstaffed ABC stations, ABC-lataus stations and ABC CarWash facilities. ABC service station stores

ABC service station stores are open every day of the year, some stations 24 hours a day. ABC service station stores also follow their normal service hours on all public holidays, such as at Christmas and Midsummer.

In addition to a petrol station, ABC service station stores always include a restaurant with a diverse menu and an affordable grocery store. ABC’s own restaurant and grocery services are open throughout the opening hours of the service station store. ABC service station stores also offer many other services, such as childcare rooms, spacious and tidy restrooms and Apsi the Monkey’s play area for children, and often also car wash services.

There are resting places for drivers of chartered and heavy vehicles in some ABC service station stores. Often, there are other service providers from various fields with their own opening hours.

Unstaffed ABC stations

Unstaffed ABC stations are located mainly by S Group’s larger grocery outlets, such as Prisma stores, S-markets and Sale stores. Unstaffed ABC stations offer a quick and convenient way to refuel. As a co-op member, you will also earn Refuelling Bonus of up to 5 cents per litre.

ABC CarWash facilities

Most of the car washes accompany ABC service station stores and unstaffed stations, and Prisma stores. All ABC CarWash facilities are modern, clean and safe car wash outlets that offer an environmentally friendly way of getting your car clean. Read more about ABC CarWash facilities.

ABC-lataus stations

For motorists with electric cars, we are building the most extensive charging network in Finland. You can find ABC-lataus stations by ABC stations and S Group’s grocery stores and hotels. You can easily charge your electric car with just a few clicks in the ABC-mobiili app. Read more about ABC-lataus.