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As part of the S Group, ABC follows S Group's sustainability goals and works to make the world a better place for all of us. S Group aims to be a pioneer of sustainability in all sectors it operates in. In ABC, we work to achieve the common goal.     According to the annual Sustainable Brand Index 2023, consumers perceive ABC as the most responsible brand in the fuel retail category. The Sustainable Brand Index is the largest independent brand survey in Europe that focuses on perceptions of sustainability. For the study, 12,000 Finnish consumers were interviewed. Read more here.


  • Various sources of energy will be used in Finnish road traffic for a long time to come – and this is why they all have to be responsible, sustainable and evolving. Our aim is that Finnish people could drive more sustainably irrespective of the power source. It is important that we look for cost-efficient and technically feasible solutions to reduce the fossil emissions of transport now and in the future.  

  • Choice of vehicle and economical driving play a crucial in reducing the emissions of the transport sector. Every driver can increase energy efficiency and save fuel while at the same time reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Read our tips for more economical driving >>

  • S Group's goal is to build a nationwide network of ABC charging stations for EVs between 2021 and 2024. In less than two years, ABC's charging network has grown to more than 1,300 charging points. Approximately 500 new ABC charging points will be opened during 2023. Read more about ABC charging >>

  • Our fuels come with a proportion of biofuel mixed in to reduce traffic emissions. In 2022, biofuels reduced the total emissions from liquid fuels by 470,000 tonnes compared to liquid fuels of fossil origin. In 2030, biofuels will represent 30 per cent of all liquid fuels. 

  • In 2022, more than 83% of our biofuel raw materials were based on waste and residue materials. Some of the biowaste used in the raw material is collected from our own service stations. 

  • ABC's fuel portfolio also includes the Eko E85 high-mix ethanol fuel. Its waste-based ethanol content reduces fossil carbon dioxide emissions from car traffic by up to 80%. Read more about Eko E85 >>

  • In addition, a new fossil-free Nero Diesel product has been offered by ABC from June 2021. Nero is a diesel fuel made entirely of renewable materials that allows for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90% compared to regular diesel fuel. Read more about Nero Diesel >>

  • ABC car washes use environmentally friendly, Swan-label-certified chemicals optimised for each season. Our new car washes are equipped with water recycling systems that allow the water to be treated and reused in the car wash. This reduces water consumption and the amount of waste water generated in car washes. 

  • Water stewardshipis a key component of S Group's environmental work. Water stewardship refers to the use and protection of water resources that takes environmental, economic and cultural factors and social fairness into account. Water stewardship risks coming from fuel sales are addressed through contingency reserves and licensing procedures. 

  • Precautions are taken against spill and emission risks at all ABC stations regardless of whether the station operates under an environmental license or normal registration. In addition, ABC service stations have guidelines for the management of environmental emergencies. 

  • All of HOK-Elanto’s three ABC car washes (Kaari, Nihtisilta and Porttipuisto) are certified with a Swan ecolabel that also applies to the car wash operations. The 13 traditional car wash facilities of HOK-Elanto’s ABC service stations also use only biodegradable and ecolabelled chemicals. The car wash ecolabel is based on the reduction of water consumption and chemicals emissions. 


ABC restaurants enable people all over Finland to eat out by offering varied and affordable dining options. We offer services such as Mother's Day lunches to help our customers celebrate special days even in locations with little choice. 

  • We encourage our customers to make sustainable and healthy choices both in their everyday lives and on festive occasions by always offering a warm vegetarian dish and a generous salad bar at the ABC Buffet. 

  • ABC restaurants have served only domestic pork, beef and chicken since 2015. 

  • We help our customers make responsible choices in our buffets, where customer communications are deployed to encourage customers to only take as much as they can eat. In our buffet, you can always come for more. We can collectively contribute to food waste through our own choices.  

  • We monitor the number of customers at our restaurants closely and adjust the amount of food we prepare accordingly. On days of high demand, we prepare more food for the buffet during the day. 

  • Since 2020, we have collaborated with surplus food service ResQ Club to reduce food waste in our restaurants by a third. Thanks to this partnership, 42,964 portions were saved from waste in 2022. Read more about the partnership >>

  • To reduce food waste, we will be happy to pack your food in a recyclable takeaway container if you don't want to eat the entire meal at once. 

  • We cater for different diets as much as possible. Our pizzas, for example, can be ordered gluten-free and with vegan cheese. Our menu also features dishes that can be ordered vegan by replacing the protein in the dish with broad beans. 


To us at ABC, everyone is equally important and welcome. ABC is a major employer that provides jobs in different sectors everywhere in Finland. 

  • We pay special attention to making our locations and services as safe and accessible as possible. We ensure product safety through careful self-monitoring, such as the monitoring of the cold chain. You can check the Oiva reports of ABC service stations here.

  • We offer summer jobs to thousands of young people all over Finland every year – also in rural areas where summer job opportunities may otherwise be scarce.   

  • ABC is a place of meeting and recreation for people of all ages from babies to grandparents and for various clubs and communities. Some ABC service stations are open 24 hours every day of the year, providing a place to come for local residents and helping our mobile customers feel less lonely. 

  • We work to improve well-being and to provide services everywhere in Finland. ABC service stations are home to a number of entrepreneurs and local businesses, such as Deli Baker’s bakery in ABC Lohja and a pharmacy and a Nanso Shop in ABC Heinola.  

  • ABC service stations also offer separate break rooms for professional drivers.