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Our range of fuels includes the Eko E85 high-level ethanol blend which reduces the fossil carbon dioxide emissions of cars by up to 80 per cent. The Finnish, eco-friendly and low-cost Eko E85 is suitable for cars equipped with a flex-fuel engine and those petrol-fuelled cars with an E85 conversion kit installed.

The Eko E85 fuel sold by the ABC chain includes 80–85 per cent bioethanol, and it is produced, among other things, from biowaste from the Finnish food industry, such as S Group stores’ waste bread. The production of ethanol causes zero carbon dioxide emissions into the air, and its by-product generates water and feed for agriculture. Ethanol with a concentration of approximately 96 to 97 per cent produced from organic waste in production facilities is concentrated to 99 per cent in a concentration facility and then mixed with petrol. The final fuel sold contains approximately 15 to 20 per cent petrol. Because ethanol is produced in small facilities close to where the waste volumes of the food industry are created, there is practically no need for raw material transportation.

The price of Eko E85 is also lower than that of 95 E10. You can identify the fuel at the ABC station from the Eko E85 label and the blue dispenser nozzle.


In 2011, the committee for the certificate of origin of the Association for Finnish Work awarded the Eko E85 fuel sold by the ABC chain the right to use the Key Flag symbol. By filling your tank with Eko E85, you are simultaneously supporting Finnish labour and expertise. Questions and answers about the E85 conversion kit

1. What is the eFlexFuel conversion kit?

The eFlexFuel conversion kit is easy to instal in the car, and it allows the refuelling and use of E85 fuel also in petrol-fuelled cars. The installation of the conversion kit does not make any permanent changes to the car, as the additional device uses the properties of the car when teaching it to use the E85 fuel.

Read more about the eFlexFuel conversion kit: Frequently asked questions – eFlexFuel Technology 2. In which cars can the conversion kit be installed and how much does it cost?

The eFlexFuel conversion kit is suitable for most petrol-fuelled cars with electric fuel injection. The eFlexFuel E85 conversion kit, developed and manufactured in Finland, is not available for diesel-fuelled or direct-injection cars. The operation of the eFlexFuel E85 conversion kit is based on the technology which is used by many factory-made flex-fuel cars. The prices of conversion kits vary according to the number of cylinders in the car. First, check the compatibility of your car with the conversion kit to determine the price and features of the product: eFlexPlus E85 upgrade – eFlexFuel Technology Cars registered prior to 1 January 2007 are subject to a modification inspection after the installation of the eFlexFuel E85 conversion kit. Read more about the modification inspection here.

3. How can I install a conversion kit?

Check the nearest installation location at Installation locations – eFlexFuel Technology. If you have experience with car maintenance and repairs, you can install the eFlexFuel E85 upgrade yourself. Installation usually takes about 1–2 hours and requires basic tools and a universal meter. Installation instructions are supplied with the device.

4. What are the benefits of installing the eFlexFuel conversion kit?

Drivers of petrol-fuelled cars can reduce their traffic-induced carbon dioxide footprint by driving less, changing the way they drive and selecting a flex-fuel car. You can still fuel petrol as usual in your flex-fuel car, but you can also choose a more affordable and responsible Eko E85 fuel.

5. What is the fuel efficiency of a flex-fuel car? Does it consume more fuel than a regular car? Motorists can have an impact on their fuel consumption through their driving habits. When driving, more ethanol is consumed than petrol but, because of the lower price of ethanol, total costs will be lower than when using petrol.