When it’s time to take a break, choose ABC. We are happy to assist smaller and larger groups, regardless of the purpose of the trip. Your group can enjoy tasty food at ABC’s buffet, available within the service hours of the ABC service station store’s buffet. We also prepare a separately ordered group menu outside the buffet’s service hours. The price includes the salad and bread buffet, water, milk and home-brew for drinks, and coffee or tea.

We are also happy to arrange sweet or savoury snacks with coffee, tea or hot chocolate for smaller appetites. Gluten-free options are also available.

We grant a 10% discount for groups of at least 10 people when booking in advance and paid with a consolidated invoice. If the group arrives on the same day or at the same week, please call the station directly to make the reservation. This will enable us to arrange the service you wish and as smooth a break as possible for your group. Benefits for the driver and group leader In addition to the 10% group discount, we offer the following benefits for the driver and the group leader: Groups of at least 10 people: The driver of the group can enjoy a cup of hot coffee/tea with a savoury or sweet pastry, or choose a meal from the restaurant’s selection (ABC’s buffet or group dining).

Groups of at least 20 people: In addition to the driver, the group leader is also entitled to the aforementioned benefit. Hesburgers at ABC service station stores follow the Hesburger chain’s group dining instructions. Further information directly from the station.

Make a group reservation

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