S-Business is a free corporate card at ABC stations. The card offers benefits and discounts from the wide ABC network and other S Group’s locations across Finland. The card works like any payment card, but you can forget about storing and scanning receipts. S-Business is truly a receipt-free card, as the receipts required by accounting are available in the monthly invoice. You will receive an average interest-free grace period of 30 days for your purchases. S-Business card’s benefits at ABC stations

  • Discount on fuels; 2.5–4 cents per litre.

  • Discount on normal-priced car washes; 5–20%.

  • Discount on windscreen washer liquids; 15%.

  • Discount on grocery stores and restaurants at ABC service station stores; 2%.

Choose a card for your needs

You can find just the right S-Business card to suit your company or entity’s needs. You can use the general card to pay for purchases at S Group’s locations, whilst the ABC cards have limitations to only certain product purchases. Different card options include:

General card: All products and services at S Group’s locations

  • ABC1: Fuels, electric car charging, car washes and car accessories

  • ABC2: Fuels and electric car charging

  • ABC3: Car washes and car accessories

Genuine peace of mind with the mobile app

You can connect your S-Business card to the ABC-mobiili app and pay for refuelling, electric car charging and car wash conveniently with your phone. You can view S-Business card purchases from the digital S-Business Manager service, and you can see the CO2 report on fuel purchases.

Enjoy your S-Business benefits every time at ABC

The S-Business card provides all services for mobile work conveniently from one place and with one card. Refuel or charge your car while enjoying a refreshing rest or have a nice lunch break. Remote work and meetings can be easily arranged in the comfortable facilities at ABC stations.

The S-Business card guarantees more affordable and worry-free services at ABC stations and various S Group’s locations across Finland. When you concentrate purchases to S Group, your company makes actual savings. In addition, it saves your nerves and time. Read more about the benefits.