Liquefied gas

Liquefied gas

AGA's liquefied gas from ABC

ABC sells AGA's liquefied gas. It is possible to interchange AGA's 2kg, 5kg and 11kg steel bottles regardless of the size free of charge. Also AGA's composite bottles of 5 and 10kg can be interchanged. When changing the bottle, the customer will pay only for the gas according to the bottle size. However, please note that the interchangeability of composite bottles in tied to the bottle type. When changing composite bottles, the only accepted composite bottles are 5 and 10kg composite bottles supplied by AGA. An agreed compensation is given when changing a steel bottle for a composite one.

Engine gas bottles can only be exchanged to engine gas bottles.

Other steel and aluminium bottles (excl. 33kg) remain interchangeable. Foreign liquefied gas bottles are not accepted.

AGA's website provides detailed information about liquefied gas and its safe use.

Roosa nauha -pulla & kahvi S-Etukortilla 3,90 € (norm. 5,20 €) Nyhtöpossu-cheddarwrap 4,90 € Pekonihampurilainen 4,90 € (ateria 6,90 €) Kermainen paprikabroileri 12,90 €