ABC CarWash

You get Bonus points for car wash in almost 70 car wash facilities. These car washes also accept the S-Business card (exceptions ABC Prisma Mikkola Pori and ABC Tikkula Pori).

Car wash facilities are mainly located alongside ABC service station stores and unmanned stations as well as Deli and Prisma outlets. They are modern, clean, safe and reliable car washes, where you can wash your car in an environmentally friendly way.

ABC CarWash facilities are owned by local cooperatives. Each cooperative is independently responsible for the service range and pricing in their own area.

Car washes

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ABC Burgerista tuplajuusto 2,90 € Wieninleike 9,90 € S-Etukortilla Kahvi ja sydänmunkki 3,20 € S-Etukortilla