Caravan parks

Caravan parks

caravan parks

Some ABC service stations also offer caravan services. ABC co-operates with SF Caravan ry and offers caravan services to the association's members at special prices.

In Caravan Parks, caravan travellers can spend the night at the service station's parking lot. There are separately marked caravan parking spaces. Parking permits are available at the service station's cash desk. The permit is valid for one day at a time.

Electricity supply and septic tank emptying possibilities are available at some stations. Check the availability of amenities from the stations' websites.

Service prices:

  • overnight stay €10, S-Etukortti or SFC card holders €5
  • electricity €5/day
  • additional septic tank services: prices vary by station (incl. septic tank emptying system, chemical toilet emptying, service water supply)

Caravan parks

Äitienpäivän noutopöytä 13,90 € S-Etukortilla Vapun noutopöytä 13,90 € S-Etukortilla Kahvi ja kauramurupulla 3,20 € S-Etukortilla Broileri-pestopasta 11,90 € S-Etukortilla Ruishampurilainen ABC Burgerista vain 4,80 €