Finnish produce

Finnish produce

Finnish produce

All food products sold in ABC service station restaurants (buffet, à la carte, ABC-Burger, display case products) are made using finnish meat. All beef, pork and chicken products are 100% finnish.

We also sell fish products. Vendace is 100% finnish. Rainbow trout comes from Finland, Sweden, Danmark and Norway. Salmon, haddock and cod are imported from Norway. Baltic herring patties and cold-smoked salmon come from Sweden and whitefish from Canada.

Other chains and partners operating in conjunction with ABC service station stores are responsible for their respective products and ingredients.

Meat producers and slaughterhouses supplying the meat for our à la carte meals:

Product À la carte meal Meat producer Slaughterhouse(s)
Chicken Chef's chicken, Pepper chicken, Goat cheese chicken, Chicken Caesar salad, Goat cheese Burger, Chicken and basil pasta, Chicken and goat cheese pasta, Chicken Caesar PITTA, Fried chicken and mashed potato, pizza (BBQ chicken, Chicken Caesar) Atria, Saarioinen Nurmo, Sahalahti
Beef Beef Caesar salad, Chanterelle beef, Pepper beef, Beef minute steak, Beef minute steak for kids, Hot dogs (Caesar, Tsatziki, BBQ) Atria, HK Kauhajoki, Outokumpu
Pork Bonus pan, Hunter's schnitzel, The ABC Wiener schnitzel, Pepper pork, Grilled pork, Chef's pork, Pork PITTA, pizza (Hawaii, Quattro Stagioni, Salami and blue cheese) Lagerblad, Topfoods, HK, Atria, Saarioinen Mellilä, Forssa, Outokumpu, Nurmo
Minced meat Grandmother's meatballs, Meatballs and mashed potato Lagerblad Kauhajoki, Paimio

ABC Burgers, BBQ Burger, Big cheeseburger

Kaivon Liha Kaunismaa Oy

Paimio, Kauhajoki, Pietarsaari

Salami Pizza (Salami, Salami and blue cheese) Saarioinen Kauhajoki, Jyväskylä, Nurmo


Fazer-suklaapatukat 4 kpl, 2,50 € UUTUUS! 3-KAVERIN Kinuski & Merisuola jäätelötuutti S-Etukortilla 2,50 € Coca-Cola (0,5 L) 2 kpl 4,00 € UUTUUS! Taffel Roust Marabou pienet suklaalevyt 2 kpl 2,50 € Kerrosateria 6,90 € (norm. 8,40 €) Munkkirinkilä ja kahvi S-Etukortilla 3,90 € (norm. 5 €) Kinkku-juustocroissant 3,90 € Bearnaisebroileria S-Etukortilla 12,90 €