Start your day with breakfast at ABC. We serve breakfast whole day long!

Breakfast platter starting from EUR 6.90 containing fried egg or omelette, fried bacon and sausages, meatballs, croissant and a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You can order the breakfast platter all through the day.

Breakfast combo from EUR 5.90 includes coffee or tea, filled croissant and juice. Breakfast combo is available all through the day.

Some of the service station stores, especially larger outlets, serve a varied breakfast buffet starting from EUR 8.90. The menu usually includes omelette, meatballs, frankfurters or bacon, cold cuts, cheese, fresh bread, fresh vegetables, cereals or muesli, yoghurt and morning porridge. Drink options include coffee, tea or hot chocolate, juice and milk.

Check more detailed outlet-specific breakfast serving alternatives and times on the website of each ABC service station store.

Aamiaista tarjoavat

Mansikkawiener ja kahvi S-Etukortilla 3,40 € Vuohenjuustorieska 4,20 € ABC Burger kanahampurilainen 5,20 € Vottosen makkarat S-Etukortilla 12,90 € Lohi ja peruna-juurespaistos 15,90 € Lämmin härkäpapuleipä 14,40 € Rapea maalaiskanasalaatti S-Etukortilla 11,90 € Rapsakat kanafileet 6,90 €