S-Business is the corporate card of the ABC chain

The ABC chain station network comprises over 400 ABC stations of which around 100 are full-service service station stores. Connected to ABC stations as well as ABC Deli and Prisma outlets there are almost 70 ABC CarWash facilities.

ABC service stations have D-points of cooperation partners, where S-Business card is not a valid payment method.

Benefits and discounts with S-Business card

S-Business is a corporate customer's charge card to S Group's service selection. The card gives you an average of 30 days of payment time and discounts on purchases.

In the ABC chain, S-Business discounts are 2.5–4 cents/litre for fuel, 5–20% on car wash and 15% for windshield washer fluid. The discount is determined daily based on the fuel litres paid with all the S-Business of the company in the last 30 days. The number of litres bought also affects discounts for car wash services and windshield washer fluids. In ABC restaurants, the discount is 2% on food, water and soft drink products. In ABC supermarkets, the discount is 2%. The card is not a valid payment method in Hesburger restaurants at ABC stations.

Apply for S-Business cards for your company here or learn more about the benefits provided by the card.

Card solutions

If you wish, you can link a restricted purchasing entitlement to the S-Business card, which means that you can only pay for certain products or services with the card. The purchasing entitlement code will be printed in the card. Cards for company car users are ABC1 (free car benefit card) and ABC3 (limited car benefit card).

General card: S-Group's entire service range
ABC1: Fuels, car accessories and car wash (free car benefit)
ABC2: Fuels
ABC3: Car accessories and car wash (limited company car benefit)
TERRA: Products and services from Kodin Terra

S-Business invoice includes all information about purchases in the previous month and is VAT deductible as is. The invoice is also available as an online invoice. Commissioning of the card does not cost anything to the company and there are no separate usage fees.

Key account sales

If you company has over 20 cars and your fuel purchases are significant, please contact our customer service or send us an invitation to tender at

S-Business customer service will be happy to answer any questions you may have:
Tel. +358 10 768 0820 (weekdays 8 a.m.–4 p.m. 8.35 cents/call+12.09 cents/min.)

Read more at our website and apply for the card!

S-Business operations are the responsibility of S-Business Oy, a subsidiary of SOK.

S-business card is a valid payment method in over 1,600 S Group outlets. In addition to ABC chain outlets, the card is valid in all the grocery trade and consumer goods trade grocery trade and consumer goods (Prisma, S-market, Sale, Alepa, Sokos, Marks & Spencer, Emotion) in Finland, Kodin Terra chain as well as all Sokos Hotels and Radisson Blu chain hotels in Finland. The S-Business card is also widely accepted at S Group restaurants in Finland.

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