Mobile fuelling


Drive to an ABC service station and open S-mobiili on your phone. Select the ABC tab. Using your mobile phone's positioning data, S-mobiili recognises the ABC where you are. Select the fuel dispenser you are going to use. Then, just fuel. That's all.

This is ABC mobile fuelling. You can now skip one step in the fuelling process: getting out your wallet and payment card. You only need to press three buttons on your mobile phone's display. The payment is made automatically when you have your Visa, MasterCard or S-Business Card registered with S-mobiili. ABC mobile fuelling is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. When you pay with a Credit/Debit card, you can choose which payment method to use. Further information

Mobile payment is a safe method of payment. You can easily close the service if you lose your phone. The only tools you need for mobile fuelling are a smart phone and your Visa, MasterCard or S-Business Card.

ABC Mobile fuelling FAQ



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