Legal data sheet

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The ABC chain is committed to protect your privacy and we want to communicate actively on the principles we follow with respect to protection of personal data. We comply with Finnish privacy protection laws and decrees in the handling of personal data.

The use of our website does not require registration and we do not collect any personal data while you are browsing the website. The collection of statistics about the use of the website requires the use of some cookies or corresponding technologies. You may not be able to fully utilise all our services if you have blocked the use of these technologies in your browser. We utilise the statistics in developing our services further.

We will forward the feedback you have given through our website to the cooperative or ABC to which your feedback applies so that they can provide you with an answer. General feedback on the ABC chain will be handled in the SOK ABC Chain Management unit.

Äitienpäivän noutopöytä 13,90 € S-Etukortilla Vapun noutopöytä 13,90 € S-Etukortilla Kahvi ja kauramurupulla 3,20 € S-Etukortilla Broileri-pestopasta 11,90 € S-Etukortilla Ruishampurilainen ABC Burgerista vain 4,80 €