Eko E85

Eko E85


ABC's eco-friendly Eko E85 fuel

Our fuel range includes a more eco-friendly choice, Eko E85 high blend ethanol fuel, which is suitable for cars equipped with Flexfuel engines. It decreases motoring fossil carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80 %.

Eko E85 fuel is a Finnish innovation developed for Finnish conditions. It contains 80–85 % of bio-ethanol produced from Finnish organic food industry waste where the raw material is created. Ethanol is produced in small facilities near to the sites where the food industry waste flows are created, which practically eliminates the use of raw material transports.

Ethanol production does not cause carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Its by-products include feed for agriculture and water. The ethanol content of the product manufactured from biowaste is about 96-97 %. The product is then concentrated into an ethanol content of 99 per cent and mixed with petrol. The petrol content of the final product is 15–20 %.

The Association for Finnish Work's Origin Label Committee has granted Eko E85 fuels sold by the ABC chain the right to use the Key Flag label.

Eko E85 fuel costs less by the litre than 95E 10 petrol. At the forecourt, it is identified by the blue E85 sign and the blue nozzle handle.

Product information Eko E85

Savings calculator

With the savings calculator, you can easily calculate how much you can save annually in fuel costs when you start using E85. The calculator also works out how much your CO2 emissions will decrease. This is calculated by taking into account the differences in emission created during the manufacture of petrol and bio-ethanol as well as the carbon footprint of the raw materials.

The average car tax for 2017 is EUR 285,50 (The Finnish Information Centre of Automobile Sector). By starting to use E85, you can easily save an amount equalling the car tax on an annual level, and still have money to spend.

The consumption of E85 is approximately 28 per cent higher than that of regular petrol (measured by VTT). This has been taken into account in the savings calculator.


Kilometres drive per year

Price of E85

Price of petrol

Average consumption of petrol

Car’s CO₂ emissions


Petrol costs are EUR in a year and EUR in five years.

E85 costs are EUR in a year and EUR in five years.

CO₂ emissions

Moving over to E85 fuel reduces CO₂ emissions by kg and kg in five years.

Eko E85 stations

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Kaverille kanssa – kaksi kerrosateriaa kympillä! Manteli-kristalliwieneri ja kahvi S-Etukortilla 3,90 € (norm. 5,20 €) Palvirieska 3,90 € Metsästäjänleipä S-Etukortilla 12,90 € (norm. 14,90 €) Omenatarhurin broileria S-Etukortilla 12,90 € (norm. 14,40 €) Sienestäjän possua S-Etukortilla 12,90 € (norm. 13,90 €)