Special terms and conditions for buying mobile washes (hereinafter “mobile washes”) in advance. In addition, these terms and conditions are subject to S Group’s terms of use for digital services.

The cooperative whose outlet’s contact details are in the application is the service provider and contracting party for the wash service.



The customer can buy mobile washes as a series, which gives the customer a discount for quantity in the app. You can buy three or five of the same type of wash in advance. Multiple wash passes are not vehicle-specific. Multiple wash passes are valid for a certain time from the date of purchase, after which they cannot be used. The expiry date is indicated at the time of purchase.


Customers can buy mobile washes with a monthly subscription. The monthly wash pass is vehicle-specific and linked to the car’s registration number (one valid subscription per registration number). The registration number cannot be changed after the first actual monthly wash. You can check which stations are available for the monthly wash, how many washes you have used during the subscription period, and update your payment card details on ABC-mobiili's “Me” section.

With the monthly wash pass, you can wash your vehicle eight (8) times during the 30 days following the purchase date (“wash period”). At the end of the wash period, the monthly wash pass will be automatically renewed, and the customer can use a new wash period.

You can terminate the monthly wash subscription at any point. You can terminate the subscription from the mobile wash section under the “Me” section in ABC-mobiili by selecting: 1) the specific monthly wash pass in question, 2) “Terminate the monthly wash pass”. Terminating a subscription to a monthly wash pass does not entitle you to financial compensation. Instead, you can use the wash pass until the end of the paid subscription term.

If we are unable to charge you for the monthly wash pass, you cannot use the service for the time being. This agreement ends if the monthly wash pass cannot be charged within seven (7) days from the beginning of the subscription period.

The price of the monthly wash pass may change if the production or service costs change. The customer will be notified of the price increase with an email one (1) month in advance. If the price increase is in less than one (1) month, the amount of the next charge will be shown upon purchase.


A consumer customer may cancel a pre-purchased series or monthly wash pass within 14 days if the consumer has not used any washes included in the pass. If a single wash has been used, there is no cancellation right. Consumers may cancel an advance purchase by filling in the feedback form found in the app (“Feedback on the app”) with their contact information and by attaching the purchase receipt (History section).


The contract concerning mobile washes bought in advance is signed between the cooperative providing the service and the customer. The customer does not pay any additional costs for the use of carwash services. Mobile washes bought in advance can only be used in the area of the cooperative from which the washes were bought and at outlets where the purchased washes are available during its opening hours. The outlets where mobile washes are available for pre-purchases will be listed in connection with the purchase.

In case there are problems, the customer can contact the outlet where they have encountered the problem. The contact details of the outlets are available in the app (outlet’s Station tab).

These terms and conditions are governed by Finnish law. If the service provider and the customer cannot reach an agreement through negotiation in the event of a dispute, the dispute will be resolved as the first instance in the District Court of Helsinki. These terms and conditions may change. The customer will be notified of any fundamental changes to the terms and conditions in advance through the application, so that the customer can decide whether to terminate the agreement or continue under the new terms.

A consumer customer may also take the dispute to their domicile’s general lower court and/or request a solution suggestion from the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi/en/): Consumer Disputes Board, Hämeentie 3, P.O. Box 306, 00531 HELSINKI.

These terms and conditions can be replicated at https://www.abcasemat.fi/abcmobile-termsofpurchase