Updated 1.9.2023


These special terms and conditions apply when using ABC-mobiili to charge electric vehicles or fill up a vehicle at S Group outlets (hereinafter “the Service”). In addition, S Group’s terms of use for digital services apply to these terms and conditions.

The customer may use the service for a one-off charge without an S Group customer relationship by creating credentials for the service.

SOK offers ABC-mobiili as a digital platform to sell services and is responsible for providing the digital platform. The cooperative whose outlet’s contact details are in the application and receipt is the seller and a contracting party to the related terms and conditions.


The price of charging is mentioned in the mobile app, and prices can change at any time. The price of charging may vary according to the customer or station.

The customer will be charged a price specified in the service, which can be based on the charging time, the amount of energy or fuel prices.

All fees are charged directly from the payment card added and chosen by the customer. If the payment card cannot be charged, ABC reserves the right to send an invoice to the customer. The final charging may be higher than the sum verified beforehand.

ABC-mobiili is used to start the charging either before or after the charging cable is connected to the vehicle as instructed by the manufacturer. The charging ends by disconnecting the cable from the vehicle in accordance with the instructions for the service user’s vehicle. ABC-mobiili users receive a receipt for the charging transaction.


The user must check from the vehicle’s manufacturer or its instructions that the vehicle’s charging system or fuel is compatible with the charging or fuelling. ABC is not liable for any defect caused by a fault in the vehicle or the manufacturer’s instructions, the customer’s own procedure, or if the vehicle is otherwise incompatible with the station’s charging system or available fuel. Users of the service are also obligated to follow the instructions provided in the station or mobile application.

The service is only permitted if the customer is physically present at an ABC service station. Users use the service at their own risk.


In case of any problems, you must follow the information on both ABC-mobiili and the charging point. In unclear situations, you can contact the customer service for ABC charging (+358 10 76 80080, €0.084 per min). The number is displayed at the charging station.


These terms and conditions may be changed when the Service is supplemented. The customer is notified of any essential changes to the terms and conditions in the mobile application in the way SOK deems best. The terms and conditions concerning new features are added without notifying the customer.

The remote selling provisions of the Consumer Protection Act are not applicable to these special terms.